Mass Conservation Alliance

Our mission

To promote, protect, and restore outdoor pursuits in Massachusetts including hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife management, habitat and species management, public access, outdoor recreation and gun ownership to the general end that the present and succeeding generations may continue to enjoy and to use these great natural resources.

Our Purpose

To make sportsmen and women a powerful political voice by forming an alliance of sportsmen organizations with organizations sharing the MCA’s mission and values. Individually we are weak, but together we are strong. The Massachusetts Conservation Alliance was reformed in June of 2018. It originated from years of working with numerous sportsmen’s organizations on hundreds of different issues.  The service and representation of our members is our absolute highest priority.


Sportsmen and women are the backbone of American fish and wildlife conservation. Together we have been responsible for the conservation and recovery of species across the country and have worked tirelessly to promote our deep-rooted traditions. Doing so means that we must stand together in our efforts to support science based fish and wildlife management and stand ready to defend our rights. If we want responsible – science based – management of our resources we must stand together!  Based on extensive input from Massachusetts sportsmen and women, here are our goals and commitments:

  • To educate the public concerning the American heritages of hunting, trapping and fishing. 

  • To Promote, support and expand opportunities for sport fishing and hunting throughout the Commonwealth

  • To promote and explain field sports, wildlife conservation and scientific wildlife management practices through literature, films, the press, television and radio.

  • Promote and protect all fish and wildlife management tools necessary to conserve all species.

  • Proactive participation in legislative, regulatory, administrative and judicial policy-making decisions affecting Massachusetts’s natural resources and their uses.

  • Defend and protect the right of individuals to keep, use and bear firearms. 

  • To do any and all things· that are necessary for, or incident to, the purposes hereinbefore stated.